City game inteGRAtion

Scenario of the city game inteGRAtion

Roles of the game participants

Players – (20 teams – class groups) their task is to play the role of travellers and explorers of the history of Zyrardow and find the selected positions/stations of the game marked on the city plan. The city plan and Travel Card are given to the team before setting off. The start and finish of the game are located on the grounds of the Primary School No. 4 in Zyrardow. At each station a task is solved. After its completion – regardless of the result – each team looks for the next station. Teams, having passed the task, receive confirmation, which is recorded on their Travel Cards. During the game, the team must go through all the stations and appear at each of them in full. Along the way there is a hidden position, not marked on the map, where the correct passage of the route is checked. After reaching the finish line of the Game, the Travellers pass the Travel Cards with confirmations from the running stations, the deciphered password and receive diplomas and prizes.

The organizers – the people who prepared the city game and watch over its course, present the players with knowledge about particular historical places in Zyrardow, provide the players with the content of the tasks to be performed, watch over their correct course, give the players tips and provide help and support. At each station, adults (parents) and students organizing the Game are on duty. Each station is marked with a flag/symbol of the Game.

Running of the Game

  1. Start on the school premises. Welcoming the players, handing out the maps and Travel Cards, explaining the rules of the game and giving instructions.
  2. 1st station – the stage behind the Palace in the Karl August Dittrich Town Park. The Travellers’ task is to find the hidden answers to questions presented by the Organiser on the spot.
  3. 2nd station – square in front of Resursa. The players’ task is to reach the securities hidden in a chest with an encrypted lock. The Organiser provides the clues needed to open the lock.
  4. 3rd station – Paweł Hulka-Laskowski’s office at 34 Narutowicza St. The task for travellers in grades 1 – 3 is to solve a memory game in English. The task for travellers in the older grades is to translate a text from English into Polish.
  5. 4th Station – Jana Pawła II Square (in front of the church). The task for the travellers is to build a building out of blocks with the help of a crane and ropes.
  6. 5th station – Jana Pawła II Square (in front of the Town Hall). The task for the travellers is to listen to the history of the square and compose a rhyme (poem) referring to the place – it should contain the words Len, Babiniec, Ochronka.
  7. 6th Station – square on Nowy Świat Street in front of the entrance to the footbridge around the Staw Gorny. Travellers learn to braid knots and create a macramé.
  8. 7th Control station – footbridge around the Upper Pond (at the level of Żabia Street). Travellers receive a confirmation (stamp) that they have correctly completed the city game route.
  9. Game finish line – school grounds. Travellers pass Travel Cards with confirmations from the running stations, the deciphered password and receive commemorative diplomas and prizes (sweets and vouchers for a film at Len Cinema).

Stations Cards

Travel Card




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The project is financed by the funds of the Zyrardow Federation of Social Organisations „Działaj.My”, through a donation received from POLMOS Zyrardow.
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